Friday, June 29, 2012

heavy metal

hi blog friends,

wow!  thanks again for all the support and nice comments from my followers!!!  that definately keeps me motivated to come up with some more outfits and share them on my blog.

well, today is the debut of the anthro ines column dress.  i had tried on one of the eariler bailey 44 column dresses that was striped and i just didnt think it did anything for me.  it was super fitted and i thought i would end up hiding most of it under a jacket or sweater if i did buy it.  so really, i had zero interest in any of those dresses (and there have been many different versions/colorways).  anyway, i was studying (seriously, quiz me....i know the answer!!!!)  the may catalog one day and the picture in there really changed my mind about the dress.  it was the lace version.  more forgiving, liked the material better.  maybe not the perfect color for me (i can look washed out in beige, peach and ivory) but i wanted to give it a second chance.  i tried it on and went up a size.  i think it made all the difference. 

i added a ton (really, they weigh a ton) of necklaces to toughen up the lace.  i think it makes a great contrast so the lace doesnt look too girly.   the necklaces add interest to the dress which by itself can be somewhat plain.  also, i think it would be cute with a jean jacket.  i would have tried it on but it is just too hot.  you will have to imagine for now.   :)     the shoes are cheapies i picked up at f21 awhile ago.  they look like an antique gold (you cant see from the pic but there is black underneath the gold.)  i bought these awhile ago and havent worn them yet.  when i bought them i thought they would come in handy someday.  i love my GOLD metallic shoes.  i used to make fun of aunt margaret for wearing gold shoes ALL-THE-TIME  but now i have taken over.  haha
so heres the pics...i added more than usual because its so bright its hard to see the details and i wanted to show close-ups of the jewelry....

anthro ines column dress
anthro jean jacket (old)


jcrew crystal and chain necklace
jcrew elephant necklace
jcrew tassel necklace
necklace thrifted off ebay
michael kors watch
f21 bangles
f21 heels


well, thats all for tonight readers.  hope you have a great weekend!  


  1. Hey, I love how these layers of necklaces toughen up the dress! They add visual weight to the white layers too- and the denim jacket is a great touch. Um, and I know what you mean about 'studying' the catalogue. I'm far from any stores so I really rely on a variety of pictures, and angles and lighting to get an idea of things!

  2. hi! im so glad you are enjoying the blog. i always hope it makes people look at things differently.

    thanks for asking about the kitties too. you are the first person to ever ask about them. they are maine coon *mixes* i got them from rescues (i wouldnt get a pure breed bc so many cats need homes.) they are the best!!!!

    thanks for reading. i need to check out your blog now. kim

  3. Kim- Dress looks great on you!!! and love the necklaces with it....great choice

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    1. lisa,
      thanks! thats so sweet of you. i didnt think this dress really looked all that good on my shape but the necklaces are a good distraction :)

      thanks again!

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    1. thanks so much! thats so nice of you. hope you are enjoying my blog!