Sunday, August 19, 2012

i'm back.... in-ground painted shift, anabelle dress

hi readers!

sorry i was gone for so long.  i had a couple of busy weeks.  of course,  i was still shopping (always have time for that!)  and snapping pics to post on the blog.  so lets get started. 

i picked up a couple things on this last round of markdowns at anthro.  i had never tried on the in-ground painted shift dress (actually i never saw it in store, just the catalog) but i thought i liked it from the catalog pic.  plus, it got really good reviews so i ordered it when it hit sale.  so glad i did.  i love it.  its nicely made too!!!  a nice heavy material that is still cool, moves with you and hardly wrinkles.  i got a ton of compliments on it too when i wore it.  hey, check out the back; its the cutest part of the dress.  it has a keyhole cut-out at the neckline and the print on the back is the pool close up.  the colors in this dress are just gorgeous.  i would highly recommend. 

anthro in-ground painted shift
coach willis bag
h&m black pumps
max & chloe monogram necklace
michael kors watch
banana republic black enamel cuff
wanderlust leather and chainlink bracelet


and scored this on the same sale day....this i had tried on in the store and knew i wanted it.  oooh, the color is just sooo pretty and the belt just makes it better.  it is such a great easy outfit. 

anthro anabelle dress
anthro beaded belt
banana republic earrings

and now for a jcrew entry, i included this outfit to follow the blue theme of this post.  i liked this color combination of the neon persimmon of the top and the henna color of the skirt which was shown online.  i added the belt for a little more visual interest.  also, i love the combination of turquoise and burgundy/henna.

jcrew ink-dyed popover in neon persimmon
jcrew no2 pencil skirt
jcrew skinny belt
viv flats in linen snakeskin print
max&chloe monogram necklace

well, thats all for tonight blog readers.  i am glad to be back.  i really missed posting  :)

good night all!