Thursday, June 28, 2012

the return of the heat

hi everyone,

sorry i took a few days off.  i had a couple busy days and the one day i had planned to look nice (a special event for work) i overslept and didnt have an extra second to snap a picture on my way out the door.  isnt that how it always works?  any other day i want to sleep in one of the cats makes sure to wake me up.  oh well, later i reflected i did get an extra hour of sleep and thats always good. 

the weather has been kinda all over the place for the last month here.  it was cold at one point and i had a wool blanket on the bed and then it was over 100 for a couple days and humid (yuk).  but then it was perfect for a couple days.  and now we're back to HOT.  these next two outfits reflect that weather change.  simple, cool and summery.

this first outfit was inspired by a pairing i saw in anthro last time i was there but i really didnt love the dress.  i dont think it would look all that great on me.  instead, i used a dress i had picked up during the black friday sale this past year.   in all honesty, my dress might be a nightgown or lounge outfit.  im not 100% sure but i wore it as a summer dress anyway.  i hadnt worn it yet and was glad to finally have an idea of what to do with it.  it is simple but cute.  you cant tell from the pictures but it is longer in the back than the front.  thats about the only exciting detail about my dress but i think this necklace livens it up.  also, it makes it less nightgown-like.  i like this necklace ALOT.  it looks nice with orange, greys, white, etc.  

so here is the pairing i saw in the store:

and here is my pairing...

anthro colorblock chemise
anthro blue blurred necklace
michael kors watch

and here is another outfit i wore this week.  i love this dress and it needs NOTHING.  the dress is the focus and so i kept it simple.  you cant tell from my pic but the detail, beading, colors are gorgeous!  the beading on the bottom also gives it weight so it lays really beautifully.   if you are interested, there may still be some around.  it is such a wonderful dress!!!   

anthro brimming borders mini
jcrew leather capri sandals

this was just a quick recap of the week in OOTDs.  hope you enjoyed and have a great night readers!

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