Sunday, April 29, 2012

mee-maw and moonpie

last time my dad came down to visit he asked me what delaware was like.  i live like 15 minutes away but rarely go there and since i've lived here i had never taken him there either.  so when he came to visit, i figured what better way to experience the beauty of delaware than thru the concrete confines of the mall with recycled air and no sunlight.  and not only did he go to the mall but he even endured like an hour in forever 21!!!!  yes, he looked thru all the jewelry for something i was looking for, sat outside the dressing room with all kinds of crap strewn all over the place, and got to be blown out by the music.  ahhhh, but he did get a carvel in the food court and that seemed to make it all better.

i, of course, went there on a mission.  the heartthrob collection from crew had just come out and i had watched it melt away in virtually all sizes online and i was determined to have it.  as it turned out, they only had the skirt in delaware so we actually had to drive to the other mall after we were done with the first mall to get the top.  dad, you were being a very good shopping buddy  :)

so i styled a couple different looks:

jcrew heartthrob blouse and skirt
banana republic skinny belt
jcrew collection martina wedges (ooooh!)

jcrew cashmere v-neck sweater
jcrew valentina pumps in weathered rose

loft sweater jacket in navy
anthro holding horses jeans
anthro double buckle clutch

i love the heart print but i can see where it might be a little much for some people.  i think breaking it up with the sweater or the jacket makes it more tame.  also, i think it is worth noting that even though this print makes these pieces 'stand-out' pieces, there is alot you can do with them to make them very versatile.  another idea not shown was the skirt with a plain top. 

and, speaking of hearts....has anyone seen this little beauty on anthro's site?

and finally, to explain the title of this post....the kitties got new nicknames. i was calling madison "meem" and then it became "mee-maw". if anyone watches the big bang theory, you will know sheldon calls his grandmother mee-maw and she calls him moonpie. so logically, since tiggy is nowhere near madison's grandmother, he became "moonpie".  

i heart mee-maw and moonpie. 

thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what is a stokes aster?

when this skirt first popped up on anthro's website shortly after christmas, my sister was the first to spot it.  we had been dying for new stuff and it was so unique, the bright blue stars so entrancing it made my eyes have swirlies in them.  but we had to stalk it for awhile, being that it was super-expensive.  so we waited until sale and it finally paid off.  it even got a second cut (double yea!!).  i love it too.  it is one of those "work of art" pieces for my skirt collection.  also, the fabric it is made of lends it to be a nice transition piece.  i could see wearing this in the fall with a blazer, in the winter with a warm sweater, tights and tall boots, as well as now in the early spring with a light cotton sweater like i have it styled below.   

anyhoo, as i was about to put together this post i wondered what the heck is a stokes astor?   i was thinking it sounded (and kinda looked like) an asteroid.  well, i googled it and saw i was first spelling it wrong and then realized i knew what a stokes aster was the whole time.  they are flowers and they really look like the ones on the skirt.  the funny thing was- here were all these pics of flowers on this gardening website and amongst like a million pics of flowers somehow the stock picture of the skirt from anthro's website had found its way there.  haha.  wierd.   


i think i got carried away with the pictures of the flowers but they are all so pretty....oooooh. 

but here it is, readers....the stokes astor, errrr, i mean...aster.  i kept it somewhat plain to accentuate the detail in the design of the skirt. 

jcrew jackie shell in black
anthro stokes aster skirt
kenneth cole boots (old and loved)
anthro thor earring posts in gold
michael kors jet-set sport watch available at nordies
forever 33 bangle gold and black
banana republic black blazer (not shown)--hey people its COLD again!

and now for POTD, another recomendation from the shopping squad.....the turn around skirt from anthro.  let's see what we can do with this.  i think it has lots of possibilities.  when i tried it on at the store i had on a grey tank, a jean jacket and my elephant earrings from anthro and it looked cute. 

stay tuned and thanks for reading!

Friday, April 20, 2012

minty love

my mom (holli) and stepfather (bill) are out visiting my sister (jill) and her boyfriend (jeff, the computer genius-thanks for your help with the blog!!) for the week in arizona.  that week usually revolves around eating good food, usually golfing (for bill), and lots and lots of goooood shopping.  my mom and sister are the best people to shop with.  we can spend an inordinate amount of time dwelling in a store, trying things on, and then going back out to see if we missed anything on the sales floor to do it all over again.  unfortunately im not there to take part in all this but today i got such a fantastic present in the mail from my sister and i just love them!  as soon as i opened them up, i thought of a million things they would look great with.  Mint has become one of my favorite colors and im wearing more and more of it all the time.  also, i love the twisted metal design.  i highly recommend (to the two people reading this blog!  hahaha)  thanks, jill!!! 


anthropologie imago earrings

so, in honor of my minty earrings i finally put on an outfit i have been waiting to wear.  i was lucky enough to score these two pieces from my local anthro one day really not expecting to see them.  they had both gone on sale awhile ago but there they were and it took me all of 2 seconds to get my grabby hands on them and make them mine.  this blouse is extraordinary.  im not sure you can tell from the pic but the detail is really beautiful and the back has snaps up the back which are covered by bows.  love love love!  the skirt is pleated at the top with an asymmetrical hem, being longer in the back.  i wasnt sure at first about the hem but it grew on me.  i am posting 2 pics so you can see the detail in the top. 

also, i thought i would introduce another feature to my blog....POTD.  yes, thats PURCHASE of the day.  a friend of mine in college and i were talking once about spending when we really had nothing to spend and i remember her saying, "i dont know what it is; i feel like i have to buy something everyday, even if its a candy bar, i need to buy someTHING  EVERYday."  sometimes i think thats true about me too.  well, anyway, here was my purchase today. 

and if you like the look of these but prefer heels, they are available too.  the heels are even on sale (and dont forget addtn 30% off with code MUSTHAVE--ends today!)  i think these are really cute and recently j crews shoes have become much more comfy.  one thought i had for these shoes was with my beanstalk skirt and a black something on top (maybe a jackie shell in black).  you may be seeing that OOTD soon. 

happy day, readers! 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

purple people eater

who is this man, you ask?  play to get in the purple-y mood...

i have never been a fan of purple.  just not a color i gravitate to.  it's ok with other colors in a pattern or maybe lavender but not bright purple as the main color for an outfit.  i would feel like a giant grape or even worse...barney!  but i was inspired by an outfit in the jcrew catalog last month.  it was a girl in a violet purple button-down, plum purple shorts, and a bright coral colored belt.  WOW!  i loved it as soon as i saw it.  but i put my own spin on it.  i chose a skirt (more useful for work) in the violet color and a plum jackie shell for the top.  same colors but the reverse top vs bottom.  and i think the belt just makes it.  if you havent already tried the pencil skirt in super 120s you definately should.  it is a perfect weight skirt, it fits great and comes in useful colors.  also, lovin the jackie shell for the summer.  i think it looks a little more polished than a t-shirt.  i have already bought the neon azelea, black, white, and the purple shown in this outfit. 


jcrew jackie shell in fiesta purple
jcrew pencil skirt in super 120s in royal violet
jcrew patent leather skinny belt in neon peach
jcrew valentina pumps in weathered rose

inspiration in nature, look familiar loyal readers????

Monday, April 16, 2012

welcome to my blog!

hi readers!!!   i should introduce myself first.   my name is kim and i love clothes.   it has become sort of a collection for me.   i follow anthropologie and have been a follower from the beginning.   i had the privilege to have lived like 4 or 5 blocks from what i have been told was the first anthro store.   after college my best friend and i moved to wayne, pa (a suburb of philadelphia).   she said to me one day, i think there's a store you would really like....and that was the start of my relationship with anthro.  i have to say i was a believer from the start.   i always loved their things; they are timeless and so i still have pieces from 2003, 2004.   i also shop a lot of jcrew for basics and inspiration (especially with color) and then fill in the pieces from other sources.

you will also meet my mom and sister at some point as guest contributors. although our styles are similar, we can sometimes pick out very different things. this is great because they make me try (and then buy of course) things i probably would've overlooked. three pairs of eyes are better than one for shopping!

the other 2 characters i have to introduce are my two cats. they both have very big personalities and they will no doubt find their way into this blog. mr. tigglesworth (aka tiggy, robert, poopoo gigi, the  notorious t-i-g) is my male and the alpha of the house, including over me. he is too smart for his own good. madison (aka mimi, mapoo, poobelia, puff mommi) is my sweet little girl with a heart of gold.

i have wanted to do this for awhile as a creative outlet and finally decided now was the time. up until now my mom and my sister have been the only ones i share ideas with but i hope this blog becomes a place for everyone to share ideas and have mindless fun.  i have to tell you i'm NOT good with technology so i will keep trying to improve the appearance of my page and find a better way to take the OOTD pics.

so now without any further ado, here is my first OOTD.   that's what this is all about, isnt it????

anthro decade by decade tracy reese skirt
j crew perfect-fit tank in warm henna
anthro jean jacket (last year)
anthro stacked strap heels (last year)
target clutch
michael kors jet-set sport watch available at nordies

the purple in the picture is a preview for the next post...thanks for reading!