Tuesday, June 26, 2012


hi readers,

first off, i am very excited to annouce i have new followers!  my blog is now 9 members strong.  i cant believe it.  and i am so very grateful that you are interested enough in what i am doing here to follow me on this blog.  thank you thank you thank you!

so that being said, there is some catching up to do.  my apologies but working monday night and then tuesday morning doesnt offer me too much time to work on the blog so i am a little behind.  not to mention getting up early this morning (tuesday) to check anthro's site for any possible sale activity.  well, none this morning as far as i could see. 

speaking of anthro, yesterday i finally wore this pullover that i bought when it went on sale a couple weeks ago.  it was a recommendation from my sister who had tried it on in the scottsdale store.  she raved about it, how nice it looked on, the detail in the trim, the color and quality of the material and the beautiful metallic fabric.  i had never seen it in a store and i wasnt impressed by the online picture but i took her word for it and ordered it.  when i got it, i loved it!  she was totally right about everything.  it was 1000 times better in real life.  the online picture does nothing for it.  i doubt my great photography does it any wonders either but here goes.....

anthro arpoador shore pullover
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in natural
jcrew gold bangle bracelet (old)
anthro imago earrings

was trying to get the sunlight on the sweater so you could see the nice metallic shine and see the earrings with it (didnt work out so well). 

i really wish the pictures came out better so you could see really how pretty it is in person.  trust me, it is so stinkin' pretty in person. 

im not sure about how i styled it.  after i saw the pictures, i wondered if it would be better with pants instead of a skirt.  perhaps it would be more slimming.  the skirt kind of carries on the shape of the poncho whereas pants i think would elongate the body and maybe lend a different, better silhoutte.  i think next time this top makes it into the rotation (best estimate year 2041 ) i will wear it with white skinny jeans. 

i do however, think the earrings paired with this top work very well.  the top itself came with a tag that said it was very delicate and so i stayed away from dangerous sweater-eating jewelry (ie, my watch, a necklace that might make a pull in the material) and instead wore a smooth bangle and these earrings.  the earrings not only were the perfect color, light enough not to look too matchy-matchy, but also were the right length too.  with the scoopneck, i wanted a drop earring to "fill in" some of that space and i think it did just that.

so what do you guys think?  pants or skirt???   thanks again for following and have a great night!



  1. looks great with those earrings.......great idea!

  2. Definitly skinny jeans/pants!