Friday, June 29, 2012

heavy metal

hi blog friends,

wow!  thanks again for all the support and nice comments from my followers!!!  that definately keeps me motivated to come up with some more outfits and share them on my blog.

well, today is the debut of the anthro ines column dress.  i had tried on one of the eariler bailey 44 column dresses that was striped and i just didnt think it did anything for me.  it was super fitted and i thought i would end up hiding most of it under a jacket or sweater if i did buy it.  so really, i had zero interest in any of those dresses (and there have been many different versions/colorways).  anyway, i was studying (seriously, quiz me....i know the answer!!!!)  the may catalog one day and the picture in there really changed my mind about the dress.  it was the lace version.  more forgiving, liked the material better.  maybe not the perfect color for me (i can look washed out in beige, peach and ivory) but i wanted to give it a second chance.  i tried it on and went up a size.  i think it made all the difference. 

i added a ton (really, they weigh a ton) of necklaces to toughen up the lace.  i think it makes a great contrast so the lace doesnt look too girly.   the necklaces add interest to the dress which by itself can be somewhat plain.  also, i think it would be cute with a jean jacket.  i would have tried it on but it is just too hot.  you will have to imagine for now.   :)     the shoes are cheapies i picked up at f21 awhile ago.  they look like an antique gold (you cant see from the pic but there is black underneath the gold.)  i bought these awhile ago and havent worn them yet.  when i bought them i thought they would come in handy someday.  i love my GOLD metallic shoes.  i used to make fun of aunt margaret for wearing gold shoes ALL-THE-TIME  but now i have taken over.  haha
so heres the pics...i added more than usual because its so bright its hard to see the details and i wanted to show close-ups of the jewelry....

anthro ines column dress
anthro jean jacket (old)


jcrew crystal and chain necklace
jcrew elephant necklace
jcrew tassel necklace
necklace thrifted off ebay
michael kors watch
f21 bangles
f21 heels


well, thats all for tonight readers.  hope you have a great weekend!  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

the return of the heat

hi everyone,

sorry i took a few days off.  i had a couple busy days and the one day i had planned to look nice (a special event for work) i overslept and didnt have an extra second to snap a picture on my way out the door.  isnt that how it always works?  any other day i want to sleep in one of the cats makes sure to wake me up.  oh well, later i reflected i did get an extra hour of sleep and thats always good. 

the weather has been kinda all over the place for the last month here.  it was cold at one point and i had a wool blanket on the bed and then it was over 100 for a couple days and humid (yuk).  but then it was perfect for a couple days.  and now we're back to HOT.  these next two outfits reflect that weather change.  simple, cool and summery.

this first outfit was inspired by a pairing i saw in anthro last time i was there but i really didnt love the dress.  i dont think it would look all that great on me.  instead, i used a dress i had picked up during the black friday sale this past year.   in all honesty, my dress might be a nightgown or lounge outfit.  im not 100% sure but i wore it as a summer dress anyway.  i hadnt worn it yet and was glad to finally have an idea of what to do with it.  it is simple but cute.  you cant tell from the pictures but it is longer in the back than the front.  thats about the only exciting detail about my dress but i think this necklace livens it up.  also, it makes it less nightgown-like.  i like this necklace ALOT.  it looks nice with orange, greys, white, etc.  

so here is the pairing i saw in the store:

and here is my pairing...

anthro colorblock chemise
anthro blue blurred necklace
michael kors watch

and here is another outfit i wore this week.  i love this dress and it needs NOTHING.  the dress is the focus and so i kept it simple.  you cant tell from my pic but the detail, beading, colors are gorgeous!  the beading on the bottom also gives it weight so it lays really beautifully.   if you are interested, there may still be some around.  it is such a wonderful dress!!!   

anthro brimming borders mini
jcrew leather capri sandals

this was just a quick recap of the week in OOTDs.  hope you enjoyed and have a great night readers!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


hi readers,

first off, i am very excited to annouce i have new followers!  my blog is now 9 members strong.  i cant believe it.  and i am so very grateful that you are interested enough in what i am doing here to follow me on this blog.  thank you thank you thank you!

so that being said, there is some catching up to do.  my apologies but working monday night and then tuesday morning doesnt offer me too much time to work on the blog so i am a little behind.  not to mention getting up early this morning (tuesday) to check anthro's site for any possible sale activity.  well, none this morning as far as i could see. 

speaking of anthro, yesterday i finally wore this pullover that i bought when it went on sale a couple weeks ago.  it was a recommendation from my sister who had tried it on in the scottsdale store.  she raved about it, how nice it looked on, the detail in the trim, the color and quality of the material and the beautiful metallic fabric.  i had never seen it in a store and i wasnt impressed by the online picture but i took her word for it and ordered it.  when i got it, i loved it!  she was totally right about everything.  it was 1000 times better in real life.  the online picture does nothing for it.  i doubt my great photography does it any wonders either but here goes.....

anthro arpoador shore pullover
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in natural
jcrew gold bangle bracelet (old)
anthro imago earrings

was trying to get the sunlight on the sweater so you could see the nice metallic shine and see the earrings with it (didnt work out so well). 

i really wish the pictures came out better so you could see really how pretty it is in person.  trust me, it is so stinkin' pretty in person. 

im not sure about how i styled it.  after i saw the pictures, i wondered if it would be better with pants instead of a skirt.  perhaps it would be more slimming.  the skirt kind of carries on the shape of the poncho whereas pants i think would elongate the body and maybe lend a different, better silhoutte.  i think next time this top makes it into the rotation (best estimate year 2041 ) i will wear it with white skinny jeans. 

i do however, think the earrings paired with this top work very well.  the top itself came with a tag that said it was very delicate and so i stayed away from dangerous sweater-eating jewelry (ie, my watch, a necklace that might make a pull in the material) and instead wore a smooth bangle and these earrings.  the earrings not only were the perfect color, light enough not to look too matchy-matchy, but also were the right length too.  with the scoopneck, i wanted a drop earring to "fill in" some of that space and i think it did just that.

so what do you guys think?  pants or skirt???   thanks again for following and have a great night!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

big thanks!

hi readers,

thank you for the overwhelming response to the outfit i posted on roxy's reader outfits.  i received some really nice and encouraging comments from you guys.  as a new blogger, its so nice to know that someone is reading and enjoying my blog.  i really want everyone to enjoy it!!!  if you do, please consider becoming a follower.  sadly, of the 4 followers i have, 3 are family members and one is myself.  ha! 

well, back to the business at hand.  this outfit was inspired by the jcrew website and i added my own spin on it.  the elements of this outfit are all very useful. this pencil skirt in the natural colorway goes with just about everything.  the striped shirt underneath is really a nice piece. it is very lightweight so it is useful underneath other tops, sweaters, blazers but is also nice on its own.  the polka dot chambray shirt...i dont think i need to say anything more than those 4 little words. polka--dot--chambray--shirt. what is not to love???? 
the necklace was a tougher choice.  i had been thinking about getting a bubble necklace from jcrew for a while now but could never decide on the color i wanted (never even considered the WHITE!)  i was tempted by the colored ones because they grabbed my interest at first but i really think the white is the sleeper.  it really is cute with A LOT.  even the day i bought it, they had it styled at the store with a white button-down underneath a fuscia tippi and a skirt.  soooo pretty.  i think the white is the right choice for me.      

so here it is.....
striped shirt buttoned up                                                                   striped shirt unbuttoned

jcrew no 2 pencil skirt in natural now on sale in stores!!!!!(


 a close-up of the jewelry

michael kors watch

this outfit was from before it got devastatingly hot here. i say that because there are layers involved and right now i am doing my best to stay cool with the hot weather. also i decided to post this today because i really didnt have an "OOTD" today. i was cleaning and doing yardwork and trust me, you DO NOT want to see that outfit. the shorts involved have gotten the name "the worst shorts in the world".  but they are an old friend and serve me well :) 

and finally, heres a picture of my sweet little madison.  she has started this thing of sitting on me in the hammock in my back yard after i finish my yardwork.  she is quite the adventurer and i always said it would be cool if she had a "mad-cam" to see where she goes and what she is up to.  well, here we are today and i am controlling her mad-cam.   



thanks again everyone for checking out my blog!  stop back later.  there was a trip to the mall this weekend and i still have to post what goodies came home with me.  :)

hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012

elornis shift dress

hi readers,

there has been a big change in the weather here.  it is HOT.  i came out of work the other day and the temperature on the bank sign was 102!!!!  and its humid too.  **ugh**  this weather certainly zaps all my energy but i did manage to get myself to anthro for the sale on tuesday.  did you ever notice when you want to buy something you will do whatever it takes to get it?  once i was so sick, i was starting to get the flu and i crawled to the phone to order from anthro.  haha 

anyway....what did i get????  well, i was mildly interested in the elornis shift dress when i first saw it in the catalog.  and even when i saw it in the store, i thought it was cute but never bothered to try it on.  but i kept an eye on it.  then i saw it went on sale, i figured i would atleast try it on.  i have to say i am very happy with it but i will add that i tried on three before i found one that i felt was sewn nicely and cut correctly.  also, i ditched the belt, which i felt really added nothing and made the dress shorter than i wanted. 

i added the cardi to wear in the air conditioning at work. 

well, tomorrow i am off to the mall, glorious mall.  i have something on hold already waiting for me.  thanks to my sister for spotting it on sale and giving me the 411.  yea!  cant wait to bring it home.  i will report back asap.

thanks again for stopping by!  good evening all.    

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

go pink or go home

hi blog lovers!

as you probably guessed, i didnt make it the last day in green.  i can get bored so easily so im moving on.
today it got really hot here all of a sudden so i decided to wear something i have wanted to wear for a while.  it is perfect, cool and summery.  i picked up this dress when i was down visiting my mom and we were shopping.  we wandered into the gap and i didnt really expect to find anything but i was looking nonetheless and stumbled upon this dress.  it is very simple but it is actually very well made for the gap whose quality for some time now has really been well....sucky.  the hems are nicely sewn and the material is nice, not too thick for a summer dress but not thin and clingy either.  of course, the color was the first thing i liked about the dress and you have to like love this color to wear this dress.  it is PINK.  did i say it is pink?  i mean PINK PINK.  hot PINK.  fluorescent PINK.  dont stare directly into the dress or it will burn your retinas out PINK.  someone told me i looked like a huge highlighter PINK.  i love it too. 

anthro jean jacket (old)
target clutch
michael kors watch
jcrew necklaces (elephant, bird, giraffe)

however, if it is too much pink for your liking, it also is available in blue, black and some striped colorways.  i toned the pink down a little with a jean jacket (it was chilly still in the morning) and added some visual interest with the striped clutch. 

also, i styled this outfit with my jcrew safari necklaces. i had bought the bird years ago when it first was released but recently my mom and sister had the great idea to get others (the elephant and giraffe) and wear them together.  brilliant!  it looks so much more interesting with friends than one alone.  the chain length worked out perfectly too!  the lengths shown in the pink picture are how each of them came and i could not be happier with how the overall effect came out.  my apologies the pictures are not clearer but i think you can make them out.   


i got inspired to wear a little more pink than usual after i was up late one night watching tv and got sucked into watching pretty in pink for the hundredth time.  what a great movie.  the only thing that wierds me out in this movie is blane's eyes.  did anyone else notice how freaky they are??? 

andie in her prom dress....and she sewed it herself!!!! 
(serious pink love)

and i leave you with the musical inspiration....

psychedelic furs (original fuzzy video---cool)

next post i will show what i scored at the anthro sale today.  and as always, thanks for stopping by! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

i dream in green (day 6)

hi everyone!

back to blogging and its going to have to be a quick one tonight.  this is my turnaround night/day at work so i have to get some sleep before work in the morning. 

i did want to post this outfit though.  this skirt is the green item i mentioned i was hunting for at jcrew during the store 30% off sale.  i had poo-pooed it when my sister said she had bought it when it first came out.  i thought it was too "betsy johnson" or "kelly osborne" for me (if you cant tell from my pictures, it is lime green and purple with a faded black leopard print) but she exerted a fair amount of peer pressure on me (the good kind, that is), i reconsidered and bought it.  i guess i had never even really given it a chance but i was most excited when i actually took a good look at it again.  i realized the material was great, much nicer in fact than the usual no 2 pencil skirts from jcrew and it fit great, actually better than the usual ones maybe because of the different fabric and it was a tad bit longer which i always appreciate.  and after a day of wearing it i have another praise for this didnt wrinkle!

so here is the dilemma......tucked in????

or tucked out?????


jcrew vintage boatneck tee in deep orchid
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in abstract leopard
jcrew valentina pumps black
jcrew necklaces: crystal, elephant, tassel (oldies but goodies)


so tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of the "i dream of green" week long series and i have to admit, i kinda cant wait for it to be over.   i dont like rules even when they are self-prescribed;   i am tired of the planning and am itching to wear other colors!!!!  maybe tomorrow i will have NO GREEN on.  come back to see.

good night all!  

Friday, June 15, 2012

i dream in green (days 4 and 5)

hi readers!

thanks again for another encouraging comment left under day 3's post.  it was from the author of the post "anthropologie uniform" so i checked out her blog and would encourage you to do the same.  she has some beautiful pieces and does a fantastic job of putting them together.  i laughed at one thing she wrote in one of her posts that anthro was having "an identity crisis".  she really put into words what i have thought for a little while now.   anyway, please click on her blog in my blogroll to see more!

so next order of business is an apology for not posting day 4 yesterday.  but like that jimmy buffet song, its 5 o'clock somewhere...its also day 4 somewhere.  haha.  but in my defense, i missed posting day 4 for the good of the blog.  i was on a reconnaissance mission and the item was GREEN.  i dont know if you are all aware but jcrew is having a big in store sale with an additional 30% off sale items.  so i was at 2 different jcrews yesterday gathering up some items and very happy with the goodies i got!

so anyway, here are the outfits to make up for day 4 and 5:

jcrew vintage tee caribbean green
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in succulent green
jcrew tesellate necklace in succulent green
jcrew tillery purse collegiate green
jcrew leather strap sandals
michael kors watch

anthro through the clouds tee
anthro colored pencil cardigan
banana republic white capris
payless flats

well good evening readers.  tomorrow is a long day at work for me so sunday i will be back with the last of the green days (days 5 and 6).  thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i dream in green (day 3)

welcome back to my blog!

i was so excited today.  i received a nice comment on my "green" series.  i am so glad you are reading and getting something out of my blog.  YEA!

now, down to business.  today i decided to take it a little easy on the green because i was really over the top green yesterday.  also, it was a nice sunny day here and perfect for some white jeans.  i also picked these up at the loft for a song.  their clothes are great sometimes; you can really find some nice pieces for a great price but you need to be selective.  my mom, sister and i were commenting the other day about all the great stuff we have gotten there recently.  and after paying anthro and crew prices the loft stuff seems like its free. 

anyway, besides those pants, pretty much everything else is anthro.  the top and sweater were shown on the front of january's catalog.  it is the first time wearing this blouse but the sweater has been put to use a couple times already.  it was a good buy.  it is comfy, a nice shade of orange and i like the cropped-ness.  at first i wasnt sure about the bracelet-length sleeves because sometimes i think it looks like it doesnt fit or i shrunk the sweater in the dryer (completely possible) but i gave it try and it has grown on me.  also, look how much better the sweater makes the blouse look.  i am really liking the contrast of orange against mint green.  the orange really makes the green pop (also reference day 1 outfit with the orange marci sandals/mint jeans).

anthro dappled sea blouse
anthro cropped cable pullover
loft modern rollup straight jeans
anthro plaza handbag
banana republic necklace


i would also like to add how much i love this purse!  i had watched it, admired it, stalked it in my wishlist but there was NO WAY i was forking out $800 for a purse.  im just not that much of a purse person.  so i watched it take one cut and i still didnt bite.   even though it was out of stock, i left it in my wishlist and then saw it take another price cut.  well, one glorious day there was a popback and my greedy little hands ordered it as quickly as they could.  i love it. 

so i thought i would share my two small purchases from when i stopped into anthro the other day.  i do love internet shopping, in my pink fuzzy robe, on my comfy chair, in front of the tv and buried under cats sleeping on me but sometimes its nice to go to the store because you see stuff you wouldnt necessarily see online.  for example, this necklace.  they had it styled with orange and it is just so pretty!  i think there is lots to do with it.  also, the top i picked up because it looked so different in person than on the front cover of this month's catalog.  the colors and much brighter and its very cute on.  and also.............its green!

blue blurred necklace

parted paisley top (cuter tucked in!)

so one question for you guys, do you like the links to the items or too much?  please feedback is needed.

hope you enjoyed another day of green.  

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

i dream in green (day 2)

good evening readers!

thanks for stopping back for the second installation of i dream in green, a week-long intensive study on the color green.  mmmm... actually we're just having fun with clothes here.  but it sounded good.  so here is my OOTD and be warned, it is VERY green.  i had picked up this skirt (sorry can't remember the name now) from anthro a season or two ago and found it to be surprisingly versatile.  i have paired it with a pink top, white, even the red/pink plaid blouse they showed with it in the catalog.  and (and excuse the wrinkles; this is what a day at the wal will do to you).  

anyway, just a quick post for you bloggsters tonight. i am tired after a long day. i woke up early before work this morning to check the anthro sale but no markdowns.  boo.  oh well, there's always next tuesday     :)

hope to see you all tomorrow.  

Monday, June 11, 2012

i dream in green (week-long series)

hi readers!!!

this is the first installment of a week focused solely on the color green.  the other day when i was putting some new stuff away, i noticed just how much of the stack was green.  sure, green is my favorite color but it really hit me when i saw all the different colors of green together just how many and how varied different shades of green can be and how pretty they can look together.  i certainly have a thing for mint green but army green has always been a trusted go-to color.  lime green is fun for a pop of color in the summer while emerald green looks classy anytime.  there's also hunter green, jade, kelly green, neon green and on and on.  green green green  i love green!

here is the list from the picture above going from left to right:

ann taylor loft modern straight pants in soothing green
j crew no 2 pencil skirt in warm jade
j crew no 2 pencil skirt in succulent green
j crew vintage tee in succulent green
j crew zipper ankle jeans in spearmint
j crew vintage tee in carribean green
j crew tillery purse in collegiate green
j crew tillery purse in mint green
j crew tessalate necklace in succulent green 

green is everywhere for me.  i used a lot of green when decorating, painting my house.  also, i prefer mostly green plants in the yard versus flowers of many colors.  green is also the color of tiggy's eyes--so beautiful!  madison mcpoo is so cute in her st pattys day hat. 

so anyway, as a challenge to myself to work only with green this week, lets see outfit number 1.  it might seem like a strange pairing these 2 shades of green together but i like them together so much.  the cool tone of the pants and top make the necklace stand out nicely.  i recommend this necklace very highly.  it is easy to wear, goes with alot, looks qual-a-teee and everytime i wear it i get a million compliments.  NEED. 

also, if i hadnt been on my way to work, i would have styled the outfit with my j crew marci wedges.  you will just have to imagine with the pictures.  the orange is so pretty with the green.  i just love all these colors! 

ann taylor loft sweater (cant see in pic but has silver metallic thread thruout)
michael kors watch

so hope you enjoyed day 1 of the green week!  what is your favorite color to wear?  leave me a comment and please join my site! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

yellow and brown sounds like a terrible combination

no doubt about that.  thinking of brown and yellow together brings a ripe banana to mind.  oh well, whatever.  i think the brown kinda toned down the bright yellow of the pants.  i have wanted a pair of yellow pants for awhile now but didnt want to pay a ton for them; i dont think they are all that versatile.  but i scored them from the loft with one of my savings cards and what a good deal!  and they are comfy and fit pretty good too.  only caveat with these pants...they look best on a sunny day.    :)  


ann taylor loft cotton tank (old) brown
anthro jean jacket (old)
ann taylor loft marisa stretch cotton twill ankle zip pant in summer saffron
michael kors watch
j crew elephant necklace
anthro pyxis necklace in gold
target clutch

just a quick post today.  just wanted to throw this outfit up there for all to see.   check back soon.  i have lots more to post!  

good evening readers! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

birthday thanks!

first thing first, i apologize for my blog hiatus for almost a month now.  wow!  time goes by so quickly.  but i was busy with mom visiting, my visiting mom and bill, had a couple days off filled with projects, catching up and yes, a little SHOPPING. 

next and very important, i want to thank everybody who made my birthday this year so special.  thanks for all the cards, presents, phone calls, dinners, bday cake, hot dogs (oh thats right i said hot dogs), time spent hanging out, etc.  it was a good one.   thank you!!!!  soon in the upcoming posts you will get to see all of the beautiful pressies i got for my birthday.  thank you again.  I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

for my first day back to work, i needed a great outfit.  going back to work after a week plus off is definately accompanied by a hugh amount of dread.  a good outfit can sometimes help cure that though.  :)    i love this skirt!  it is the jcrew seersucker pencil skirt and it is the best.  it does NOT wrinkle people!  i repeat IT DOES NOT WRINKLE!  amazing!  and its so versatile.  i never imagined i would be putting stipes with stripes but i like it and think it really works.  i also would like to point out these shoes.  a jcrew jewel.   a perfect height heel for me and a great color too.  maybe in my next life i will be able to wear open-toed shoes to work.  *sigh*

jcrew silk bow cami in stripe
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in seersucker
jcrew whisper linen cardigan
jcrew marcie patent leather sandals
michael kors watch

do how did everyone do on the anthro sale this week?  i ordered the anna sui growing love dress that i had been eyeing up for awhile now and also the arpoador shore pullover.  the pullover i havent seen before in person but jill had and encouraged me to try it.  the free shipping promo at anthro helps too.  dont forget to check your list over before it ends!

growing love dress

arpoador shore pullover

well, thanks again for stopping by and maybe tomorrow i will have another post put together.  i missed blogging.  :)