Wednesday, May 9, 2012

visionary skirt

hello all! 

hope you all had a good week.   it was a rainy, dreary week here and i was not really inspired to wear anything bright, cheery or spring-like until today.  this afternoon the sun finally came out and maybe because of the lack of sunshine i overcompensated with this skirt.  it just embodies spring i think.  also, love this chambray shirt my mom and sister and i picked up from target last year.  seriously, where would we be without chambray???   :) 

anthro field of vision skirt
converse for target chambray top
michael kors watch
anthro twine around raffia wedges

now down to business....anthro sale this week was a disappointment but sounds like next week is the coveted tag sale.  boo-yeah!!!!  i am hoping for some items to finally go on sale.  here is the stalking list:

brimming borders mini-dress


blooming whin shift

digital sunset skirt

growing love dress

madison shorts

that's quite the list, huh?  well, im sure not everything will go on sale but im hoping for a few atleast.  a couple price adjustments wouldnt hurt either! 

well, one more thing before i go.  kinda sad about the passing of adam yauch (aka MCA) from the beastie boys.  sad because he was so young but also so talented and just a darn good person.  here is your video homework for the day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

back to work

hi readers!

how sad, the weekend is over and back to reality and another work week now.  the only good thing about that is i get to wear a new outfit i have been planning for sometime now.  i was on a shopping ban the latter part of this weekend because i went a little crazy at jcrew and then ebay (im collecting old anthro catalogs)  on friday.  but the shopping ban worked out ok because it made me do the laundry and ironing i have been putting off all week, including ironing the skirt in my OOTD.

the j crew no. 2 cotton pencil skirts are growing on me.  i have stayed away from them in the past because although they fit well, i feel like they wrinkle so easily.  but i just loved this neon rose color.  it is so vibrant and not cheap looking or that color i hate, if it were an OPI color it would be called "grandma's coral lipstick".  this skirt is NOT coral, it is bright orange with a hint of fuschia.  i'm liking this return of neon colors.  it is a nice pop of color in outfits.  it brings me back, too.  i was a wearer of neon pink and neon yellow socks (yes, one of each color on each foot) when i was a youngster.  sigh*

jcrew polly popover
jcrew no 2 cotton pencil skirt neon rose
jcrew carnation necklace
jcrew valentina pumps weathered rose
banana republic clutch dark green (old)

so what is the POTD?  i bought these beauties at anthro when they went on sale.  they are comfortable as far as i can tell (i have only been strolling around the house in them).  the color is great - i think the picture makes them look more lavender than in person; the color seems more pink than purple.  whatever the color is, it looks nice with my skin tone and i think they will go with a lot.  and best of all, they are cute!  i love the little cut outs in the front and the flower do-dad is really adorable too.  yeah buddy! 

don't forget to check out roxy's blog for the anthro sale update!  good night readers  :)