Tuesday, June 19, 2012

go pink or go home

hi blog lovers!

as you probably guessed, i didnt make it the last day in green.  i can get bored so easily so im moving on.
today it got really hot here all of a sudden so i decided to wear something i have wanted to wear for a while.  it is perfect, cool and summery.  i picked up this dress when i was down visiting my mom and we were shopping.  we wandered into the gap and i didnt really expect to find anything but i was looking nonetheless and stumbled upon this dress.  it is very simple but it is actually very well made for the gap whose quality for some time now has really been well....sucky.  the hems are nicely sewn and the material is nice, not too thick for a summer dress but not thin and clingy either.  of course, the color was the first thing i liked about the dress and you have to like love this color to wear this dress.  it is PINK.  did i say it is pink?  i mean PINK PINK.  hot PINK.  fluorescent PINK.  dont stare directly into the dress or it will burn your retinas out PINK.  someone told me i looked like a huge highlighter PINK.  i love it too. 

anthro jean jacket (old)
target clutch
michael kors watch
jcrew necklaces (elephant, bird, giraffe)

however, if it is too much pink for your liking, it also is available in blue, black and some striped colorways.  i toned the pink down a little with a jean jacket (it was chilly still in the morning) and added some visual interest with the striped clutch. 

also, i styled this outfit with my jcrew safari necklaces. i had bought the bird years ago when it first was released but recently my mom and sister had the great idea to get others (the elephant and giraffe) and wear them together.  brilliant!  it looks so much more interesting with friends than one alone.  the chain length worked out perfectly too!  the lengths shown in the pink picture are how each of them came and i could not be happier with how the overall effect came out.  my apologies the pictures are not clearer but i think you can make them out.   


i got inspired to wear a little more pink than usual after i was up late one night watching tv and got sucked into watching pretty in pink for the hundredth time.  what a great movie.  the only thing that wierds me out in this movie is blane's eyes.  did anyone else notice how freaky they are??? 

andie in her prom dress....and she sewed it herself!!!! 
(serious pink love)

and i leave you with the musical inspiration....

psychedelic furs (original fuzzy video---cool)

next post i will show what i scored at the anthro sale today.  and as always, thanks for stopping by! 

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