Wednesday, July 4, 2012

red white and poo

hi readers!

happy 4th of july!!!  hope you are all having a great holiday and are enjoying your day.  i will be at work (yuk) but im gonna wear something holiday inspired (without crossing that fine line of being a holiday dressing know what i mean). 

i am wearing the altuzarra for jcrew patricia dress.  when i saw this in the catalog i couldnt dial the phone number to my personal shopper fast enough to order it.  i was mesmerized, sucked into the vortex of the catalog's pages, little swirlies took over my eyes.... i loved the varying widths of the stripes.  also, other details on the dress you may not be able to see in the pics add some visual interest and depth to the dress too.  the smaller stripes are actually pieces of a different material, sewn on top of the other fabric.  they are at the shoulders and the end of the sleeves.  this material is a little whiter than the body of the dress which is more of an ivory/ecru color.  the patches are also sewn on with red thread.  a nice touch.  the fit is nice and its super comfy too.  it can be worn by itself but i prefer it belted.  i think it gives it a little more definition.  the only negative is how long the sleeves are.  my arms are pretty long and i usually run into the opposite problem so its strange when they are long on me.  i just rolled them up and am fine with it but someone with shorter arms might run into a problem.  no complaints here, just sayin'.  i added the scarf and next the trench coat to show some more styling ideas. 

jcrew italian leather belt in english saddle
toms espadrille wedges in red stripe

as for the title, i know i have some explaining to do.  well, part of my insanity is that i call my cats the poopoo kitties.  it was a nickname from when i first got them.  and everything thereafter got the word "poo" stuck to it or was a substitute for some other word.  it is contageous.  even my friend who made fun of me when i first told her soon did it to her dogs' names too.  proof its contageous (i dont recommend starting).  anyway, tiggy became poo poo gigi, poobert (a spin on his other nickname robert), mr poobertsky, etc.  madison became mapoo (pronounced muh-poo), poobelia, poopoo.  anyway, from the poopoos and me, the poopooma... happy fourth!!!

red white and poo*
old navy for dogs (why not cat sized....ever???)     

*no kitties were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

well, hope to see you back soon.  you can see more craziness...i bought purple jeans  ***GASP***


  1. you look cute but the cats are freaking adorable!!!

  2. Replies
    1. thats nothing! wait till you see halloween :)

  3. Love the dress on you. I was thinking about it too,but i already have so many striped things:(.

    I had a maine coon cat 10 years ago(not pure bred),her name was muffin.i miss her personality!

  4. ina,
    you should atleast order it to try it on. it is so nice and makes such a quick, easy and cute outfit. and i have to say i dont think it photographed very well. i almost didnt even put up this post bc of it. i think it fits and looks much better in person.

    maine coons are the best!!!! people think all cat personalities are the same but they arent! my two are like little dogs. sorry for your loss. :(