Tuesday, February 19, 2013

who's afraid of electric plaid?

hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. monday again (when i took this picture atleast) and time to get out of my jammies and wear something nice. i have been wanting to wear my new everly electric plaid t-strap heels since i got them but due to the weather, lack of motivation, sore feet, every jcrew shoe box looks the same x 1000 in my closet ... i have not worn them yet. like the style with the t-strap and the cap toe in blue snakeskin trimmed with gold. but really my fav is the pattern. love the neutral background and the zing of neon. besides neon pink and orange, there is beige and black and also both dark and bright blue in the shoes so i picked up those 2 shades of blue to hopefully make the neon pink and orange stand out even more.

i am a self-confessed fan of leopard print with the color blue too.   not sure why, maybe red and purple seem trashy, green is gross, pink is betsy johnson, but blue.   it works.  so i carried my leopard print valentino for some pattern mixing (and outfit enhancement--after all i think this purse would make a garbage bag look half-decent), added my usual ton of gold jewelry and viola!


what do you think of the large pic size?

jcrew collection everly t-strap heels in electric plaid
michael kors watch
club monaco christy moto jacket
and now a little tribute to my little guy.  tiggy has been under the weather and gave me a good scare last night.  but thanks to gramgram and grampie taking him to the vet he is resting at home tonight with me and his little sister.

love you, notorious T.I.G.


Friday, February 15, 2013

emmaleigh dress / valentino bag

hi readers!

thank you everyone for not giving up on the blog.  it was so nice to be welcome back after i was gone for so long. 

so this post is another "big" post for me.  i am introducing another new "member of the family"....and maybe my favorite (purse, that is, not member of the family)....my valentino leopard calf hair lock bag.  it is just perfect!

also in this outfit i paired the neutral  jcrew emmaleigh dress with a vibrant neon yellow scarf i picked up at express for super cheap.  i think providing a neutral backdrop for neon colors so popular this season is a nice way to wear them.   

the shoes i would also highly recommend.  although they are hard to see in my pics, the color is great (as suede often is); a deep, rich fushia color.  i also liked the heel; it is a modern take on a traditional pump.  i tried to capture that in the pic where i am standing to the side but it is hard to tell so i took an additional pic by themselves.  the heel is set back and almost curved. 

when i ordered them, i was undecided if i liked the pump (estrella) seen on me here or the strappy version (edita)  which i linked below.  they are both made by via spiga and are pretty much the same color.  i figured i would keep only one.  but i think i am keeping both because they do not work for the same styling purposes.  for example, the edita wouldnt be right with this outfit.  i was thinking rolled jeans for them.  the pumps elongate the leg,which makes them look better with a skirt or dress.  check them out and tell me what you think.  i think im keeping both!     

thanks for stopping by again!  TGIF!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

jcrew skirt in rush hour / givenchy antigona bag

hi readers,

i was trying to come up with a great return post, a blow-out extravaganza of everything i bought since the last time i posted ...ahem, in august, i was going to try to please the masses (or the 4 people that viewed this blog yesterday) but it just wasnt happening.  it became overwhelming and impossible so in an effort to just get back into it, i figured i would just post an outfit plain and simple.  the other stuff will find its way into the blog one way or another. 

so here it is....the jcrew collection skirt in rush hour!  yes, that deserves a "!" oooh...spark--ly.  i dont think it can be appreciated in my pictures; of course the matress in the background doesnt help... but it is just GORGEOUS in person.  the day i wore it i had people come up and want to touch it.  that is how magnetic it is.  when the light hits it especially.  it is silver primarly but has red,blue, and black as well.  the waist is cute too.  a change from their typical pencil skirts, this skirt is gathered in the front at the waist which when i first saw that was skeptical too (like who needs that?) but it is quite cute.  i paired it with a sweater which hides the waist and cute detail but it would be flattering to wear with a long sleeve back tee tucked in to accentuate the waist accent. 

and a pressie to myself....................givenchy antigona shiny lord bag 

i love my new bag.  it is black with gold trim.  again, best in person and not in my pic.  but follow the link to see it better.   its kinda like having a new member in the family  :)

good night all!  thanks for reading!