Monday, June 18, 2012

i dream in green (day 6)

hi everyone!

back to blogging and its going to have to be a quick one tonight.  this is my turnaround night/day at work so i have to get some sleep before work in the morning. 

i did want to post this outfit though.  this skirt is the green item i mentioned i was hunting for at jcrew during the store 30% off sale.  i had poo-pooed it when my sister said she had bought it when it first came out.  i thought it was too "betsy johnson" or "kelly osborne" for me (if you cant tell from my pictures, it is lime green and purple with a faded black leopard print) but she exerted a fair amount of peer pressure on me (the good kind, that is), i reconsidered and bought it.  i guess i had never even really given it a chance but i was most excited when i actually took a good look at it again.  i realized the material was great, much nicer in fact than the usual no 2 pencil skirts from jcrew and it fit great, actually better than the usual ones maybe because of the different fabric and it was a tad bit longer which i always appreciate.  and after a day of wearing it i have another praise for this didnt wrinkle!

so here is the dilemma......tucked in????

or tucked out?????


jcrew vintage boatneck tee in deep orchid
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in abstract leopard
jcrew valentina pumps black
jcrew necklaces: crystal, elephant, tassel (oldies but goodies)


so tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of the "i dream of green" week long series and i have to admit, i kinda cant wait for it to be over.   i dont like rules even when they are self-prescribed;   i am tired of the planning and am itching to wear other colors!!!!  maybe tomorrow i will have NO GREEN on.  come back to see.

good night all!  


  1. that skirt looks amazing on better thank whomever gave you good advice to buy!!! ;)

  2. It is a cute skirt! I say tucked in - it has a cool kind of modern Mad Men vibe, and the proportions are better. Also, I like the necklace trifecta. Very nice.

  3. thanks for the compliments on the skirt. i agree on tucked in and really love the mad men reference!!! thanks again!

  4. I bought this skirt on final sale and haven't worn it - I had it in my giveaway pile until I saw this post. Seeing it paired with the purple shirt has inspired me to give it another chance. I agree that it's very flattering, and I love the way you've styled it.

    I also love your layered necklaces!

    If you are so inclined, I'd love to see a post on how you style your hair. Although I crop my head out of all my blog photos, I, too, wear my hair in a similar updo every day.