Thursday, June 7, 2012

yellow and brown sounds like a terrible combination

no doubt about that.  thinking of brown and yellow together brings a ripe banana to mind.  oh well, whatever.  i think the brown kinda toned down the bright yellow of the pants.  i have wanted a pair of yellow pants for awhile now but didnt want to pay a ton for them; i dont think they are all that versatile.  but i scored them from the loft with one of my savings cards and what a good deal!  and they are comfy and fit pretty good too.  only caveat with these pants...they look best on a sunny day.    :)  


ann taylor loft cotton tank (old) brown
anthro jean jacket (old)
ann taylor loft marisa stretch cotton twill ankle zip pant in summer saffron
michael kors watch
j crew elephant necklace
anthro pyxis necklace in gold
target clutch

just a quick post today.  just wanted to throw this outfit up there for all to see.   check back soon.  i have lots more to post!  

good evening readers! 

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