Sunday, August 19, 2012

i'm back.... in-ground painted shift, anabelle dress

hi readers!

sorry i was gone for so long.  i had a couple of busy weeks.  of course,  i was still shopping (always have time for that!)  and snapping pics to post on the blog.  so lets get started. 

i picked up a couple things on this last round of markdowns at anthro.  i had never tried on the in-ground painted shift dress (actually i never saw it in store, just the catalog) but i thought i liked it from the catalog pic.  plus, it got really good reviews so i ordered it when it hit sale.  so glad i did.  i love it.  its nicely made too!!!  a nice heavy material that is still cool, moves with you and hardly wrinkles.  i got a ton of compliments on it too when i wore it.  hey, check out the back; its the cutest part of the dress.  it has a keyhole cut-out at the neckline and the print on the back is the pool close up.  the colors in this dress are just gorgeous.  i would highly recommend. 

anthro in-ground painted shift
coach willis bag
h&m black pumps
max & chloe monogram necklace
michael kors watch
banana republic black enamel cuff
wanderlust leather and chainlink bracelet


and scored this on the same sale day....this i had tried on in the store and knew i wanted it.  oooh, the color is just sooo pretty and the belt just makes it better.  it is such a great easy outfit. 

anthro anabelle dress
anthro beaded belt
banana republic earrings

and now for a jcrew entry, i included this outfit to follow the blue theme of this post.  i liked this color combination of the neon persimmon of the top and the henna color of the skirt which was shown online.  i added the belt for a little more visual interest.  also, i love the combination of turquoise and burgundy/henna.

jcrew ink-dyed popover in neon persimmon
jcrew no2 pencil skirt
jcrew skinny belt
viv flats in linen snakeskin print
max&chloe monogram necklace

well, thats all for tonight blog readers.  i am glad to be back.  i really missed posting  :)

good night all!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

j crew ram bracelet and necklace

hi readers!

just a quick post today.  i wanted to first say a very big thank you to my mom who bought me the jcrew ram bracelet.  i love it!!!  i love it!!!  i love it!!!  wow.  i will post a pic of that soon.  it is done so beautifully and it fits great on my arm. 

also, i wanted to alert my followers that there is a great giveaway for the ram necklace.  and who wouldnt want that????  it is on the blog "1 more shopping blog" and how generous is that!?!?!?!  wow.  here is the link and good luck!

well, i will check in later with you all.  i am going to conquer the mall today.  wish me luck on that  :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

corvida bird skirt

hi readers!

back to blogging.  finally.  i had a busy little week here but i wanted to post this outfit i wore yesterday because i really loved it.  i had been playing around with the idea of ordering this skirt from when i first saw it.  but of course it was really expensive.  maybe $228 if i remember i watched it in my wishlist and saw it get a cut to $98 i think.  then it even got a second cut and i didnt bite but then the additional 25% off and a little of mom's encouragement pushed me over the edge.  it ended up being like $37.  say what?!?!?!  yes, 37 bucks!  mine.  and i love it and got a lot of compliments on it when i wore it.  it is very different and stands out because of the asymmetry of the hem.  but really when you are close to it, the beauty is in the fabric.  i included the stock pic so you can hopefully see the design in the solid black material.  it might be an outline of a huge tree...not sure.  also, i would like to add that the skirt is not a wrap skirt (which are not always my fave because of wind, natural disasters, etc.) but instead is a skirt with an overlay piece.  nice.  also, i added the stock pic to give you a better idea of how the skirt looks on.  i think with me taking the pics from above, my legs get short looking and the skirt appears longer and doesnt really look like that in person.  hope that helps.   

anthro also made a dress (which was featured in the catalog) of this same material (still available online....maybe zoom on the dress to see the fabric detail more clearly) and a wrap sweater which also had the bird print on it (although i doubt the material was the same for the sweater.  not sure).  but i think the skirt works best for me.  i paired it with an old top i had from BR which is a matte black and worked very nicely against the shine of the skirt.  i also wore a sweater to work i just scored at the loft (always have to use the word "score" with the loft because everything is so cheap there!).  it is really a nice and useful sweater.  it is a pale GOLD color of metallic thread.  very nice.  and the bracelet you should check out too.  i saw it on the lovely chloe of the chloe conspiracy.  she always finds great jewelry at f21.   

see what i mean about the short legs?  :)

banana republic top (old old old)
jcrew valentina pumps in black

oh well, thats all for today.  what do you think about the hemline of this skirt????

hope you all have a great weekend!  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

summer color - porcelain paisley

hi blog readers!

breaking news today on the blog!!!!  ladies.....get your credit cards ready!!!!!!  i stopped by my local crew this evening after work and guess what!?!?!.  and i dont want to cause any hysteria, but there is a new color bubble necklace and it is GREEN PEOPLE....GREEN!!!!  i checked when i got home and its not online yet.  the sales associate said it was just in.  so, details... the larger bubble pieces are a gorgeous kinda kelly green and the small balls that attach at the bottom are a tiny bit darker.  oooh.  how did i leave without it?  not sure.  there must be some secret store of willpower hidden somewhere in my bones (never detected before).  and there was other stuff i wanted too.  ugh.  but i couldnt do too much there because i was headed over to anthro.  you will see those purchases at some point also.

anyway, back to the important stuff....OOTD.  today i wore the jcrew porcelain paisley skirt that i resisted for so long.  good thing my sister talked me into it.  i loved wearing it and got a ton of compliments on it today (which always helps).  i had originally tried it on with what was shown with it in the store.  it was a striped popover top basically white with blue stripes, and it just washed me out.  completely.  however, my sister suggested pairing it with the neon persimmon tippi and it just came alive.  yes yes yeeeEEEESSSS.    heres the result....

jcrew porcelain paisley skirt (sorry no link available but dress in same print is still there)
michael kors watch
anthro double buckle clutch
f21 bracelet (   check this out !! its cute.  even the SA at crew liked it and was shocked it was f21.

and here are my two munchkins, doing exactly what i wanted to do on a rainy day like today....



good night all! 

leadlight maxi skirt

hi readers,

good evening!  i am posting this late after work tonight so as you can guess i am pretty excited about my OOTD.  luckily i got my anthro package this morning with enough time to iron this skirt before i had to leave for work.  yea!  i couldnt wait to wear it.  i had originally tried it on with my mom when i was down visiting her and we were shopping.  i liked it but was waiting for sale.  well, good for me it just happened to go on sale last week and they added the addtional 25% off sale items, it made it really reasonable. 

anyway, heres the OOTD....  i wish the pics were better because they dont do the skirt justice.

anthro leadlight maxi skirt
jcrew popover in white
anthro jean jacket (old)
jcrew bubble necklace in white
micheal kors watch
f21 cheapie bracelets

also dont forget tuesday means sale day at anthro and it sounds like they are extending the 25% off until tomorrow night. that means order whatever you might have any interest in and decide later. did anyone notice how quickly everything sold out of the sale section with the sale promo?!?!?! 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


hi readers,

hope everyone is surviving the heat.  today it is 102 here and HOT HOT HOT.  i am holed up in the house all day with the kitties.  so i was playing around with some clothes and came up with an outfit that was inspired by the concert i saw last night.

my friend kelly and i went to go see coldplay last night and they were A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  their playlist was great, they sounded fantastic and it they did special things that were cool.  at one point during the show chris martin said they were going to play "trouble" which they hadnt played live in like 10 years.  that was cool.  and then at the end, the crowd was cheering for an encore and we figured they werent coming back out because it was taking awhile.  well, coolest thing ever....they showed up in the audience (unfortunately nowhere near us) and played songs there amist the crowd.  wow. 

so besides all that music stuff, they did alot with color in the show.  the stage was decorated in like really colorful graffiti.  and the other cool thing was we were all given wristbands of different colors and they had lights in them that they would light up at different points of the show.  cool.  really cool.  anyway, it kinda inspired me to put this outfit together.  these are the purple jeans i was telling you guys about.  they are kinda crazy because they are really really REALLY purple but i like that.  they are a real intense grape color.  believe it or not, i was looking for that color for awhile now and was happy to find these because they fit me well and are the perfect color.  and the cardi with it i ordered from anthro and it kinda reminds me of the stage from last night with all different colors and designs. 

here is a photo i found from coldplay so you can see how the stage was decorated (and get a feel for my inspiration)

can i just add too....i wish i looked better in these pics but it is like a million degrees in my sunroom where i take the pictures and i am trying on a sweater!  focus on the outfit....focus on the outfit...



anthro seamless cami in black
michael kors watch
banana republic heels

and here is my wristband from last of course!

hope you are all having a great weekend!!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

loft dress quickie post

hi readers,

welcome back to the blog.  today was another hot day.  it was in the 90's again and looks like it will be that or hotter this weekend.  oh well, im off on a three day weekend so i dont care how hot it off!  yea! 

i wanted to post the outfit that i wore today just in case anyone was interested in getting it.  i picked the dress up just this past weekend so you should still be able to find it.  the loft had one of their famous 40% off sales and it made this dress super cheap (maybe $30).  anyway, i wasnt sure about the neck of the dress at first but i wanted to pair it with this necklace so i figured it would take away from the odd shaped neckline.  it kinda reminds me of that texas longhorn logo (not all the attractive) but i think it worked well with the necklace.  i really like the color combo of mulberry/burgundy with the right shade of turquoise.  and then i added a gold skinny belt to finish it off.  another bonus of this dress, you can wash it!  here is a close-up of the necklace too.

banana republic skinny gold belt (old)
urban outfitters necklace

well, thats all for tonight.  i did get some goodies in the mail today and i still have yet to post some other items i recently acquired.  also waiting on my anthro sale scores.  i am hoping they come tomorrow so i can post one of those beauties.  

have a great night! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

red white and poo

hi readers!

happy 4th of july!!!  hope you are all having a great holiday and are enjoying your day.  i will be at work (yuk) but im gonna wear something holiday inspired (without crossing that fine line of being a holiday dressing know what i mean). 

i am wearing the altuzarra for jcrew patricia dress.  when i saw this in the catalog i couldnt dial the phone number to my personal shopper fast enough to order it.  i was mesmerized, sucked into the vortex of the catalog's pages, little swirlies took over my eyes.... i loved the varying widths of the stripes.  also, other details on the dress you may not be able to see in the pics add some visual interest and depth to the dress too.  the smaller stripes are actually pieces of a different material, sewn on top of the other fabric.  they are at the shoulders and the end of the sleeves.  this material is a little whiter than the body of the dress which is more of an ivory/ecru color.  the patches are also sewn on with red thread.  a nice touch.  the fit is nice and its super comfy too.  it can be worn by itself but i prefer it belted.  i think it gives it a little more definition.  the only negative is how long the sleeves are.  my arms are pretty long and i usually run into the opposite problem so its strange when they are long on me.  i just rolled them up and am fine with it but someone with shorter arms might run into a problem.  no complaints here, just sayin'.  i added the scarf and next the trench coat to show some more styling ideas. 

jcrew italian leather belt in english saddle
toms espadrille wedges in red stripe

as for the title, i know i have some explaining to do.  well, part of my insanity is that i call my cats the poopoo kitties.  it was a nickname from when i first got them.  and everything thereafter got the word "poo" stuck to it or was a substitute for some other word.  it is contageous.  even my friend who made fun of me when i first told her soon did it to her dogs' names too.  proof its contageous (i dont recommend starting).  anyway, tiggy became poo poo gigi, poobert (a spin on his other nickname robert), mr poobertsky, etc.  madison became mapoo (pronounced muh-poo), poobelia, poopoo.  anyway, from the poopoos and me, the poopooma... happy fourth!!!

red white and poo*
old navy for dogs (why not cat sized....ever???)     

*no kitties were harmed in the taking of these pictures.

well, hope to see you back soon.  you can see more craziness...i bought purple jeans  ***GASP***

Friday, June 29, 2012

heavy metal

hi blog friends,

wow!  thanks again for all the support and nice comments from my followers!!!  that definately keeps me motivated to come up with some more outfits and share them on my blog.

well, today is the debut of the anthro ines column dress.  i had tried on one of the eariler bailey 44 column dresses that was striped and i just didnt think it did anything for me.  it was super fitted and i thought i would end up hiding most of it under a jacket or sweater if i did buy it.  so really, i had zero interest in any of those dresses (and there have been many different versions/colorways).  anyway, i was studying (seriously, quiz me....i know the answer!!!!)  the may catalog one day and the picture in there really changed my mind about the dress.  it was the lace version.  more forgiving, liked the material better.  maybe not the perfect color for me (i can look washed out in beige, peach and ivory) but i wanted to give it a second chance.  i tried it on and went up a size.  i think it made all the difference. 

i added a ton (really, they weigh a ton) of necklaces to toughen up the lace.  i think it makes a great contrast so the lace doesnt look too girly.   the necklaces add interest to the dress which by itself can be somewhat plain.  also, i think it would be cute with a jean jacket.  i would have tried it on but it is just too hot.  you will have to imagine for now.   :)     the shoes are cheapies i picked up at f21 awhile ago.  they look like an antique gold (you cant see from the pic but there is black underneath the gold.)  i bought these awhile ago and havent worn them yet.  when i bought them i thought they would come in handy someday.  i love my GOLD metallic shoes.  i used to make fun of aunt margaret for wearing gold shoes ALL-THE-TIME  but now i have taken over.  haha
so heres the pics...i added more than usual because its so bright its hard to see the details and i wanted to show close-ups of the jewelry....

anthro ines column dress
anthro jean jacket (old)


jcrew crystal and chain necklace
jcrew elephant necklace
jcrew tassel necklace
necklace thrifted off ebay
michael kors watch
f21 bangles
f21 heels


well, thats all for tonight readers.  hope you have a great weekend!  

Thursday, June 28, 2012

the return of the heat

hi everyone,

sorry i took a few days off.  i had a couple busy days and the one day i had planned to look nice (a special event for work) i overslept and didnt have an extra second to snap a picture on my way out the door.  isnt that how it always works?  any other day i want to sleep in one of the cats makes sure to wake me up.  oh well, later i reflected i did get an extra hour of sleep and thats always good. 

the weather has been kinda all over the place for the last month here.  it was cold at one point and i had a wool blanket on the bed and then it was over 100 for a couple days and humid (yuk).  but then it was perfect for a couple days.  and now we're back to HOT.  these next two outfits reflect that weather change.  simple, cool and summery.

this first outfit was inspired by a pairing i saw in anthro last time i was there but i really didnt love the dress.  i dont think it would look all that great on me.  instead, i used a dress i had picked up during the black friday sale this past year.   in all honesty, my dress might be a nightgown or lounge outfit.  im not 100% sure but i wore it as a summer dress anyway.  i hadnt worn it yet and was glad to finally have an idea of what to do with it.  it is simple but cute.  you cant tell from the pictures but it is longer in the back than the front.  thats about the only exciting detail about my dress but i think this necklace livens it up.  also, it makes it less nightgown-like.  i like this necklace ALOT.  it looks nice with orange, greys, white, etc.  

so here is the pairing i saw in the store:

and here is my pairing...

anthro colorblock chemise
anthro blue blurred necklace
michael kors watch

and here is another outfit i wore this week.  i love this dress and it needs NOTHING.  the dress is the focus and so i kept it simple.  you cant tell from my pic but the detail, beading, colors are gorgeous!  the beading on the bottom also gives it weight so it lays really beautifully.   if you are interested, there may still be some around.  it is such a wonderful dress!!!   

anthro brimming borders mini
jcrew leather capri sandals

this was just a quick recap of the week in OOTDs.  hope you enjoyed and have a great night readers!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


hi readers,

first off, i am very excited to annouce i have new followers!  my blog is now 9 members strong.  i cant believe it.  and i am so very grateful that you are interested enough in what i am doing here to follow me on this blog.  thank you thank you thank you!

so that being said, there is some catching up to do.  my apologies but working monday night and then tuesday morning doesnt offer me too much time to work on the blog so i am a little behind.  not to mention getting up early this morning (tuesday) to check anthro's site for any possible sale activity.  well, none this morning as far as i could see. 

speaking of anthro, yesterday i finally wore this pullover that i bought when it went on sale a couple weeks ago.  it was a recommendation from my sister who had tried it on in the scottsdale store.  she raved about it, how nice it looked on, the detail in the trim, the color and quality of the material and the beautiful metallic fabric.  i had never seen it in a store and i wasnt impressed by the online picture but i took her word for it and ordered it.  when i got it, i loved it!  she was totally right about everything.  it was 1000 times better in real life.  the online picture does nothing for it.  i doubt my great photography does it any wonders either but here goes.....

anthro arpoador shore pullover
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in natural
jcrew gold bangle bracelet (old)
anthro imago earrings

was trying to get the sunlight on the sweater so you could see the nice metallic shine and see the earrings with it (didnt work out so well). 

i really wish the pictures came out better so you could see really how pretty it is in person.  trust me, it is so stinkin' pretty in person. 

im not sure about how i styled it.  after i saw the pictures, i wondered if it would be better with pants instead of a skirt.  perhaps it would be more slimming.  the skirt kind of carries on the shape of the poncho whereas pants i think would elongate the body and maybe lend a different, better silhoutte.  i think next time this top makes it into the rotation (best estimate year 2041 ) i will wear it with white skinny jeans. 

i do however, think the earrings paired with this top work very well.  the top itself came with a tag that said it was very delicate and so i stayed away from dangerous sweater-eating jewelry (ie, my watch, a necklace that might make a pull in the material) and instead wore a smooth bangle and these earrings.  the earrings not only were the perfect color, light enough not to look too matchy-matchy, but also were the right length too.  with the scoopneck, i wanted a drop earring to "fill in" some of that space and i think it did just that.

so what do you guys think?  pants or skirt???   thanks again for following and have a great night!