Monday, June 11, 2012

i dream in green (week-long series)

hi readers!!!

this is the first installment of a week focused solely on the color green.  the other day when i was putting some new stuff away, i noticed just how much of the stack was green.  sure, green is my favorite color but it really hit me when i saw all the different colors of green together just how many and how varied different shades of green can be and how pretty they can look together.  i certainly have a thing for mint green but army green has always been a trusted go-to color.  lime green is fun for a pop of color in the summer while emerald green looks classy anytime.  there's also hunter green, jade, kelly green, neon green and on and on.  green green green  i love green!

here is the list from the picture above going from left to right:

ann taylor loft modern straight pants in soothing green
j crew no 2 pencil skirt in warm jade
j crew no 2 pencil skirt in succulent green
j crew vintage tee in succulent green
j crew zipper ankle jeans in spearmint
j crew vintage tee in carribean green
j crew tillery purse in collegiate green
j crew tillery purse in mint green
j crew tessalate necklace in succulent green 

green is everywhere for me.  i used a lot of green when decorating, painting my house.  also, i prefer mostly green plants in the yard versus flowers of many colors.  green is also the color of tiggy's eyes--so beautiful!  madison mcpoo is so cute in her st pattys day hat. 

so anyway, as a challenge to myself to work only with green this week, lets see outfit number 1.  it might seem like a strange pairing these 2 shades of green together but i like them together so much.  the cool tone of the pants and top make the necklace stand out nicely.  i recommend this necklace very highly.  it is easy to wear, goes with alot, looks qual-a-teee and everytime i wear it i get a million compliments.  NEED. 

also, if i hadnt been on my way to work, i would have styled the outfit with my j crew marci wedges.  you will just have to imagine with the pictures.  the orange is so pretty with the green.  i just love all these colors! 

ann taylor loft sweater (cant see in pic but has silver metallic thread thruout)
michael kors watch

so hope you enjoyed day 1 of the green week!  what is your favorite color to wear?  leave me a comment and please join my site! 

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