Wednesday, June 6, 2012

birthday thanks!

first thing first, i apologize for my blog hiatus for almost a month now.  wow!  time goes by so quickly.  but i was busy with mom visiting, my visiting mom and bill, had a couple days off filled with projects, catching up and yes, a little SHOPPING. 

next and very important, i want to thank everybody who made my birthday this year so special.  thanks for all the cards, presents, phone calls, dinners, bday cake, hot dogs (oh thats right i said hot dogs), time spent hanging out, etc.  it was a good one.   thank you!!!!  soon in the upcoming posts you will get to see all of the beautiful pressies i got for my birthday.  thank you again.  I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!

for my first day back to work, i needed a great outfit.  going back to work after a week plus off is definately accompanied by a hugh amount of dread.  a good outfit can sometimes help cure that though.  :)    i love this skirt!  it is the jcrew seersucker pencil skirt and it is the best.  it does NOT wrinkle people!  i repeat IT DOES NOT WRINKLE!  amazing!  and its so versatile.  i never imagined i would be putting stipes with stripes but i like it and think it really works.  i also would like to point out these shoes.  a jcrew jewel.   a perfect height heel for me and a great color too.  maybe in my next life i will be able to wear open-toed shoes to work.  *sigh*

jcrew silk bow cami in stripe
jcrew no2 pencil skirt in seersucker
jcrew whisper linen cardigan
jcrew marcie patent leather sandals
michael kors watch

do how did everyone do on the anthro sale this week?  i ordered the anna sui growing love dress that i had been eyeing up for awhile now and also the arpoador shore pullover.  the pullover i havent seen before in person but jill had and encouraged me to try it.  the free shipping promo at anthro helps too.  dont forget to check your list over before it ends!

growing love dress

arpoador shore pullover

well, thanks again for stopping by and maybe tomorrow i will have another post put together.  i missed blogging.  :)


  1. yeah!!! your back!!! love the outfit

  2. How was the fit for you on the j.crew silk bow cami?

  3. i sized down from my usual shirt size (i usually wear an 8 but chose a 6). i felt the eight became too big in the neck and arm holes. the six fit much better on top and where it hit at the hip was becoming a little small in the 6 but since i was going to tuck it in anyway, i stayed with the smaller size. i say size down! also, not sure if you know but its on sale online but even better in the store. now $49.99 with additional 30% off!!! thanks for reading my blog. hope you are enjoying it and if you are please consider becoming a member :)

  4. Thanks for the detailed review and the heads-up on pricing, Kim! You just helped me so much. I came upon your blog searching for silk bow cami reviews in the stripe pattern (since JC sizing seems to be all over the map). I used to read a lot of fashion blogs but have kind of scaled back lately. However, I will consider becoming a blog follower, because you gave such a quick and thorough response.

    P.S. Happy belated birthday!