Wednesday, June 13, 2012

i dream in green (day 3)

welcome back to my blog!

i was so excited today.  i received a nice comment on my "green" series.  i am so glad you are reading and getting something out of my blog.  YEA!

now, down to business.  today i decided to take it a little easy on the green because i was really over the top green yesterday.  also, it was a nice sunny day here and perfect for some white jeans.  i also picked these up at the loft for a song.  their clothes are great sometimes; you can really find some nice pieces for a great price but you need to be selective.  my mom, sister and i were commenting the other day about all the great stuff we have gotten there recently.  and after paying anthro and crew prices the loft stuff seems like its free. 

anyway, besides those pants, pretty much everything else is anthro.  the top and sweater were shown on the front of january's catalog.  it is the first time wearing this blouse but the sweater has been put to use a couple times already.  it was a good buy.  it is comfy, a nice shade of orange and i like the cropped-ness.  at first i wasnt sure about the bracelet-length sleeves because sometimes i think it looks like it doesnt fit or i shrunk the sweater in the dryer (completely possible) but i gave it try and it has grown on me.  also, look how much better the sweater makes the blouse look.  i am really liking the contrast of orange against mint green.  the orange really makes the green pop (also reference day 1 outfit with the orange marci sandals/mint jeans).

anthro dappled sea blouse
anthro cropped cable pullover
loft modern rollup straight jeans
anthro plaza handbag
banana republic necklace


i would also like to add how much i love this purse!  i had watched it, admired it, stalked it in my wishlist but there was NO WAY i was forking out $800 for a purse.  im just not that much of a purse person.  so i watched it take one cut and i still didnt bite.   even though it was out of stock, i left it in my wishlist and then saw it take another price cut.  well, one glorious day there was a popback and my greedy little hands ordered it as quickly as they could.  i love it. 

so i thought i would share my two small purchases from when i stopped into anthro the other day.  i do love internet shopping, in my pink fuzzy robe, on my comfy chair, in front of the tv and buried under cats sleeping on me but sometimes its nice to go to the store because you see stuff you wouldnt necessarily see online.  for example, this necklace.  they had it styled with orange and it is just so pretty!  i think there is lots to do with it.  also, the top i picked up because it looked so different in person than on the front cover of this month's catalog.  the colors and much brighter and its very cute on.  and also.............its green!

blue blurred necklace

parted paisley top (cuter tucked in!)

so one question for you guys, do you like the links to the items or too much?  please feedback is needed.

hope you enjoyed another day of green.  


  1. love the outfit and bag!!!

  2. Just discovered your blog and added you to my blog roll. Very cute outfits. Green is my favorite color too. :) I think I am noticing a Banana Republic houndstooth coat in your background shot. I used to have that in pink and yellow but recently consigned both in an effort to cull my closets.

    1. thank you so much for your kind words and adding me to your blogroll!!!! as a new blogger, it is so nice to know others are reading and enjoying my blog (besides my family, that is!) i will also be adding your blog to my blogroll too. i checked out your blog and really liked it. please consider becoming a member of my blog. thanks again!!!!