Wednesday, May 9, 2012

visionary skirt

hello all! 

hope you all had a good week.   it was a rainy, dreary week here and i was not really inspired to wear anything bright, cheery or spring-like until today.  this afternoon the sun finally came out and maybe because of the lack of sunshine i overcompensated with this skirt.  it just embodies spring i think.  also, love this chambray shirt my mom and sister and i picked up from target last year.  seriously, where would we be without chambray???   :) 

anthro field of vision skirt
converse for target chambray top
michael kors watch
anthro twine around raffia wedges

now down to business....anthro sale this week was a disappointment but sounds like next week is the coveted tag sale.  boo-yeah!!!!  i am hoping for some items to finally go on sale.  here is the stalking list:

brimming borders mini-dress


blooming whin shift

digital sunset skirt

growing love dress

madison shorts

that's quite the list, huh?  well, im sure not everything will go on sale but im hoping for a few atleast.  a couple price adjustments wouldnt hurt either! 

well, one more thing before i go.  kinda sad about the passing of adam yauch (aka MCA) from the beastie boys.  sad because he was so young but also so talented and just a darn good person.  here is your video homework for the day.

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