Thursday, July 5, 2012

loft dress quickie post

hi readers,

welcome back to the blog.  today was another hot day.  it was in the 90's again and looks like it will be that or hotter this weekend.  oh well, im off on a three day weekend so i dont care how hot it off!  yea! 

i wanted to post the outfit that i wore today just in case anyone was interested in getting it.  i picked the dress up just this past weekend so you should still be able to find it.  the loft had one of their famous 40% off sales and it made this dress super cheap (maybe $30).  anyway, i wasnt sure about the neck of the dress at first but i wanted to pair it with this necklace so i figured it would take away from the odd shaped neckline.  it kinda reminds me of that texas longhorn logo (not all the attractive) but i think it worked well with the necklace.  i really like the color combo of mulberry/burgundy with the right shade of turquoise.  and then i added a gold skinny belt to finish it off.  another bonus of this dress, you can wash it!  here is a close-up of the necklace too.

banana republic skinny gold belt (old)
urban outfitters necklace

well, thats all for tonight.  i did get some goodies in the mail today and i still have yet to post some other items i recently acquired.  also waiting on my anthro sale scores.  i am hoping they come tomorrow so i can post one of those beauties.  

have a great night! 

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