Tuesday, July 10, 2012

leadlight maxi skirt

hi readers,

good evening!  i am posting this late after work tonight so as you can guess i am pretty excited about my OOTD.  luckily i got my anthro package this morning with enough time to iron this skirt before i had to leave for work.  yea!  i couldnt wait to wear it.  i had originally tried it on with my mom when i was down visiting her and we were shopping.  i liked it but was waiting for sale.  well, good for me it just happened to go on sale last week and they added the addtional 25% off sale items, it made it really reasonable. 

anyway, heres the OOTD....  i wish the pics were better because they dont do the skirt justice.

anthro leadlight maxi skirt
jcrew popover in white
anthro jean jacket (old)
jcrew bubble necklace in white
micheal kors watch
f21 cheapie bracelets

also dont forget tuesday means sale day at anthro and it sounds like they are extending the 25% off until tomorrow night. that means order whatever you might have any interest in and decide later. did anyone notice how quickly everything sold out of the sale section with the sale promo?!?!?! 


  1. Replies
    1. you would like the jean jacket. hahaha what do you think of the white bubble necklace now? sold on the white? now they made a green. think that is a necessity now. :)

  2. great combination with the denim jacket!

    1. ina,
      thanks so much. i think a cropped jacket gives some structure to maxi skirts so i like this combination and do it often.

      i know you are jcrew jewelry nuts like me...did you read my new post....spotted today in the store in green. not online yet but you know how sometimes they do store only colors (like the tessalate in neon peach or whatever they called that color) so i wanted to give you the heads up.

      thanks for reading!

  3. Love the work casual look! I've been trying to figure out a way to wear a maxi shirt to work and that might be it!

  4. glad to help with the idea! yes, its great to wear a maxi to work because they are so comfy and yet with the button down look totally work appropriate. good luck with your outfit. thanks for reading!