Tuesday, July 10, 2012

summer color - porcelain paisley

hi blog readers!

breaking news today on the blog!!!!  ladies.....get your credit cards ready!!!!!!  i stopped by my local crew this evening after work and guess what!?!?!.  and i dont want to cause any hysteria, but there is a new color bubble necklace and it is GREEN PEOPLE....GREEN!!!!  i checked when i got home and its not online yet.  the sales associate said it was just in.  so, details... the larger bubble pieces are a gorgeous kinda kelly green and the small balls that attach at the bottom are a tiny bit darker.  oooh.  how did i leave without it?  not sure.  there must be some secret store of willpower hidden somewhere in my bones (never detected before).  and there was other stuff i wanted too.  ugh.  but i couldnt do too much there because i was headed over to anthro.  you will see those purchases at some point also.

anyway, back to the important stuff....OOTD.  today i wore the jcrew porcelain paisley skirt that i resisted for so long.  good thing my sister talked me into it.  i loved wearing it and got a ton of compliments on it today (which always helps).  i had originally tried it on with what was shown with it in the store.  it was a striped popover top basically white with blue stripes, and it just washed me out.  completely.  however, my sister suggested pairing it with the neon persimmon tippi and it just came alive.  yes yes yeeeEEEESSSS.    heres the result....

jcrew porcelain paisley skirt (sorry no link available but dress in same print is still there)
michael kors watch
anthro double buckle clutch
f21 bracelet (http://www.forever21.com/Product/Category.aspx?br=f21&category=acc_bracelet&pagesize=100&page=5)   check this out !! its cute.  even the SA at crew liked it and was shocked it was f21.

and here are my two munchkins, doing exactly what i wanted to do on a rainy day like today....



good night all! 


  1. great outfit i must say!!! and look at those cuties!

  2. Thank you for letting me know about the new color(love green!) in the bubble neclace.Too bad i am not near a store:(.
    I regret not buying the porcelain paisly skirt!

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    1. My kitty does the same thing on Sundays. He sleeps all day. LOL. I personally don't like skirts, but I did like this porcelain paisley skirt.


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