Saturday, July 7, 2012


hi readers,

hope everyone is surviving the heat.  today it is 102 here and HOT HOT HOT.  i am holed up in the house all day with the kitties.  so i was playing around with some clothes and came up with an outfit that was inspired by the concert i saw last night.

my friend kelly and i went to go see coldplay last night and they were A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  their playlist was great, they sounded fantastic and it they did special things that were cool.  at one point during the show chris martin said they were going to play "trouble" which they hadnt played live in like 10 years.  that was cool.  and then at the end, the crowd was cheering for an encore and we figured they werent coming back out because it was taking awhile.  well, coolest thing ever....they showed up in the audience (unfortunately nowhere near us) and played songs there amist the crowd.  wow. 

so besides all that music stuff, they did alot with color in the show.  the stage was decorated in like really colorful graffiti.  and the other cool thing was we were all given wristbands of different colors and they had lights in them that they would light up at different points of the show.  cool.  really cool.  anyway, it kinda inspired me to put this outfit together.  these are the purple jeans i was telling you guys about.  they are kinda crazy because they are really really REALLY purple but i like that.  they are a real intense grape color.  believe it or not, i was looking for that color for awhile now and was happy to find these because they fit me well and are the perfect color.  and the cardi with it i ordered from anthro and it kinda reminds me of the stage from last night with all different colors and designs. 

here is a photo i found from coldplay so you can see how the stage was decorated (and get a feel for my inspiration)

can i just add too....i wish i looked better in these pics but it is like a million degrees in my sunroom where i take the pictures and i am trying on a sweater!  focus on the outfit....focus on the outfit...



anthro seamless cami in black
michael kors watch
banana republic heels

and here is my wristband from last of course!

hope you are all having a great weekend!!!

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  1. liking the purple jeans with that cardi may have to try those on myself ;)