Friday, July 13, 2012

corvida bird skirt

hi readers!

back to blogging.  finally.  i had a busy little week here but i wanted to post this outfit i wore yesterday because i really loved it.  i had been playing around with the idea of ordering this skirt from when i first saw it.  but of course it was really expensive.  maybe $228 if i remember i watched it in my wishlist and saw it get a cut to $98 i think.  then it even got a second cut and i didnt bite but then the additional 25% off and a little of mom's encouragement pushed me over the edge.  it ended up being like $37.  say what?!?!?!  yes, 37 bucks!  mine.  and i love it and got a lot of compliments on it when i wore it.  it is very different and stands out because of the asymmetry of the hem.  but really when you are close to it, the beauty is in the fabric.  i included the stock pic so you can hopefully see the design in the solid black material.  it might be an outline of a huge tree...not sure.  also, i would like to add that the skirt is not a wrap skirt (which are not always my fave because of wind, natural disasters, etc.) but instead is a skirt with an overlay piece.  nice.  also, i added the stock pic to give you a better idea of how the skirt looks on.  i think with me taking the pics from above, my legs get short looking and the skirt appears longer and doesnt really look like that in person.  hope that helps.   

anthro also made a dress (which was featured in the catalog) of this same material (still available online....maybe zoom on the dress to see the fabric detail more clearly) and a wrap sweater which also had the bird print on it (although i doubt the material was the same for the sweater.  not sure).  but i think the skirt works best for me.  i paired it with an old top i had from BR which is a matte black and worked very nicely against the shine of the skirt.  i also wore a sweater to work i just scored at the loft (always have to use the word "score" with the loft because everything is so cheap there!).  it is really a nice and useful sweater.  it is a pale GOLD color of metallic thread.  very nice.  and the bracelet you should check out too.  i saw it on the lovely chloe of the chloe conspiracy.  she always finds great jewelry at f21.   

see what i mean about the short legs?  :)

banana republic top (old old old)
jcrew valentina pumps in black

oh well, thats all for today.  what do you think about the hemline of this skirt????

hope you all have a great weekend!  

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