Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what is a stokes aster?

when this skirt first popped up on anthro's website shortly after christmas, my sister was the first to spot it.  we had been dying for new stuff and it was so unique, the bright blue stars so entrancing it made my eyes have swirlies in them.  but we had to stalk it for awhile, being that it was super-expensive.  so we waited until sale and it finally paid off.  it even got a second cut (double yea!!).  i love it too.  it is one of those "work of art" pieces for my skirt collection.  also, the fabric it is made of lends it to be a nice transition piece.  i could see wearing this in the fall with a blazer, in the winter with a warm sweater, tights and tall boots, as well as now in the early spring with a light cotton sweater like i have it styled below.   

anyhoo, as i was about to put together this post i wondered what the heck is a stokes astor?   i was thinking it sounded (and kinda looked like) an asteroid.  well, i googled it and saw i was first spelling it wrong and then realized i knew what a stokes aster was the whole time.  they are flowers and they really look like the ones on the skirt.  the funny thing was- here were all these pics of flowers on this gardening website and amongst like a million pics of flowers somehow the stock picture of the skirt from anthro's website had found its way there.  haha.  wierd.   


i think i got carried away with the pictures of the flowers but they are all so pretty....oooooh. 

but here it is, readers....the stokes astor, errrr, i mean...aster.  i kept it somewhat plain to accentuate the detail in the design of the skirt. 

jcrew jackie shell in black
anthro stokes aster skirt
kenneth cole boots (old and loved)
anthro thor earring posts in gold
michael kors jet-set sport watch available at nordies
forever 33 bangle gold and black
banana republic black blazer (not shown)--hey people its COLD again!

and now for POTD, another recomendation from the shopping squad.....the turn around skirt from anthro.  let's see what we can do with this.  i think it has lots of possibilities.  when i tried it on at the store i had on a grey tank, a jean jacket and my elephant earrings from anthro and it looked cute. 

stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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