Friday, April 20, 2012

minty love

my mom (holli) and stepfather (bill) are out visiting my sister (jill) and her boyfriend (jeff, the computer genius-thanks for your help with the blog!!) for the week in arizona.  that week usually revolves around eating good food, usually golfing (for bill), and lots and lots of goooood shopping.  my mom and sister are the best people to shop with.  we can spend an inordinate amount of time dwelling in a store, trying things on, and then going back out to see if we missed anything on the sales floor to do it all over again.  unfortunately im not there to take part in all this but today i got such a fantastic present in the mail from my sister and i just love them!  as soon as i opened them up, i thought of a million things they would look great with.  Mint has become one of my favorite colors and im wearing more and more of it all the time.  also, i love the twisted metal design.  i highly recommend (to the two people reading this blog!  hahaha)  thanks, jill!!! 


anthropologie imago earrings

so, in honor of my minty earrings i finally put on an outfit i have been waiting to wear.  i was lucky enough to score these two pieces from my local anthro one day really not expecting to see them.  they had both gone on sale awhile ago but there they were and it took me all of 2 seconds to get my grabby hands on them and make them mine.  this blouse is extraordinary.  im not sure you can tell from the pic but the detail is really beautiful and the back has snaps up the back which are covered by bows.  love love love!  the skirt is pleated at the top with an asymmetrical hem, being longer in the back.  i wasnt sure at first about the hem but it grew on me.  i am posting 2 pics so you can see the detail in the top. 

also, i thought i would introduce another feature to my blog....POTD.  yes, thats PURCHASE of the day.  a friend of mine in college and i were talking once about spending when we really had nothing to spend and i remember her saying, "i dont know what it is; i feel like i have to buy something everyday, even if its a candy bar, i need to buy someTHING  EVERYday."  sometimes i think thats true about me too.  well, anyway, here was my purchase today. 

and if you like the look of these but prefer heels, they are available too.  the heels are even on sale (and dont forget addtn 30% off with code MUSTHAVE--ends today!)  i think these are really cute and recently j crews shoes have become much more comfy.  one thought i had for these shoes was with my beanstalk skirt and a black something on top (maybe a jackie shell in black).  you may be seeing that OOTD soon. 

happy day, readers! 

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