Sunday, April 29, 2012

mee-maw and moonpie

last time my dad came down to visit he asked me what delaware was like.  i live like 15 minutes away but rarely go there and since i've lived here i had never taken him there either.  so when he came to visit, i figured what better way to experience the beauty of delaware than thru the concrete confines of the mall with recycled air and no sunlight.  and not only did he go to the mall but he even endured like an hour in forever 21!!!!  yes, he looked thru all the jewelry for something i was looking for, sat outside the dressing room with all kinds of crap strewn all over the place, and got to be blown out by the music.  ahhhh, but he did get a carvel in the food court and that seemed to make it all better.

i, of course, went there on a mission.  the heartthrob collection from crew had just come out and i had watched it melt away in virtually all sizes online and i was determined to have it.  as it turned out, they only had the skirt in delaware so we actually had to drive to the other mall after we were done with the first mall to get the top.  dad, you were being a very good shopping buddy  :)

so i styled a couple different looks:

jcrew heartthrob blouse and skirt
banana republic skinny belt
jcrew collection martina wedges (ooooh!)

jcrew cashmere v-neck sweater
jcrew valentina pumps in weathered rose

loft sweater jacket in navy
anthro holding horses jeans
anthro double buckle clutch

i love the heart print but i can see where it might be a little much for some people.  i think breaking it up with the sweater or the jacket makes it more tame.  also, i think it is worth noting that even though this print makes these pieces 'stand-out' pieces, there is alot you can do with them to make them very versatile.  another idea not shown was the skirt with a plain top. 

and, speaking of hearts....has anyone seen this little beauty on anthro's site?

and finally, to explain the title of this post....the kitties got new nicknames. i was calling madison "meem" and then it became "mee-maw". if anyone watches the big bang theory, you will know sheldon calls his grandmother mee-maw and she calls him moonpie. so logically, since tiggy is nowhere near madison's grandmother, he became "moonpie".  

i heart mee-maw and moonpie. 

thanks for reading!

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