Monday, April 16, 2012

welcome to my blog!

hi readers!!!   i should introduce myself first.   my name is kim and i love clothes.   it has become sort of a collection for me.   i follow anthropologie and have been a follower from the beginning.   i had the privilege to have lived like 4 or 5 blocks from what i have been told was the first anthro store.   after college my best friend and i moved to wayne, pa (a suburb of philadelphia).   she said to me one day, i think there's a store you would really like....and that was the start of my relationship with anthro.  i have to say i was a believer from the start.   i always loved their things; they are timeless and so i still have pieces from 2003, 2004.   i also shop a lot of jcrew for basics and inspiration (especially with color) and then fill in the pieces from other sources.

you will also meet my mom and sister at some point as guest contributors. although our styles are similar, we can sometimes pick out very different things. this is great because they make me try (and then buy of course) things i probably would've overlooked. three pairs of eyes are better than one for shopping!

the other 2 characters i have to introduce are my two cats. they both have very big personalities and they will no doubt find their way into this blog. mr. tigglesworth (aka tiggy, robert, poopoo gigi, the  notorious t-i-g) is my male and the alpha of the house, including over me. he is too smart for his own good. madison (aka mimi, mapoo, poobelia, puff mommi) is my sweet little girl with a heart of gold.

i have wanted to do this for awhile as a creative outlet and finally decided now was the time. up until now my mom and my sister have been the only ones i share ideas with but i hope this blog becomes a place for everyone to share ideas and have mindless fun.  i have to tell you i'm NOT good with technology so i will keep trying to improve the appearance of my page and find a better way to take the OOTD pics.

so now without any further ado, here is my first OOTD.   that's what this is all about, isnt it????

anthro decade by decade tracy reese skirt
j crew perfect-fit tank in warm henna
anthro jean jacket (last year)
anthro stacked strap heels (last year)
target clutch
michael kors jet-set sport watch available at nordies

the purple in the picture is a preview for the next post...thanks for reading! 

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