Tuesday, April 17, 2012

purple people eater

who is this man, you ask?  play to get in the purple-y mood...

i have never been a fan of purple.  just not a color i gravitate to.  it's ok with other colors in a pattern or maybe lavender but not bright purple as the main color for an outfit.  i would feel like a giant grape or even worse...barney!  but i was inspired by an outfit in the jcrew catalog last month.  it was a girl in a violet purple button-down, plum purple shorts, and a bright coral colored belt.  WOW!  i loved it as soon as i saw it.  but i put my own spin on it.  i chose a skirt (more useful for work) in the violet color and a plum jackie shell for the top.  same colors but the reverse top vs bottom.  and i think the belt just makes it.  if you havent already tried the pencil skirt in super 120s you definately should.  it is a perfect weight skirt, it fits great and comes in useful colors.  also, lovin the jackie shell for the summer.  i think it looks a little more polished than a t-shirt.  i have already bought the neon azelea, black, white, and the purple shown in this outfit. 


jcrew jackie shell in fiesta purple
jcrew pencil skirt in super 120s in royal violet
jcrew patent leather skinny belt in neon peach
jcrew valentina pumps in weathered rose

inspiration in nature, look familiar loyal readers????


  1. beautiful flowers and outfit and love the addition of the song/video

    1. thanks. those are the flowers from seattle. :)

  2. Love how you matched these colours!! Really beautiful!!