Saturday, February 9, 2013

jcrew skirt in rush hour / givenchy antigona bag

hi readers,

i was trying to come up with a great return post, a blow-out extravaganza of everything i bought since the last time i posted ...ahem, in august, i was going to try to please the masses (or the 4 people that viewed this blog yesterday) but it just wasnt happening.  it became overwhelming and impossible so in an effort to just get back into it, i figured i would just post an outfit plain and simple.  the other stuff will find its way into the blog one way or another. 

so here it is....the jcrew collection skirt in rush hour!  yes, that deserves a "!" oooh...spark--ly.  i dont think it can be appreciated in my pictures; of course the matress in the background doesnt help... but it is just GORGEOUS in person.  the day i wore it i had people come up and want to touch it.  that is how magnetic it is.  when the light hits it especially.  it is silver primarly but has red,blue, and black as well.  the waist is cute too.  a change from their typical pencil skirts, this skirt is gathered in the front at the waist which when i first saw that was skeptical too (like who needs that?) but it is quite cute.  i paired it with a sweater which hides the waist and cute detail but it would be flattering to wear with a long sleeve back tee tucked in to accentuate the waist accent. 

and a pressie to myself....................givenchy antigona shiny lord bag 

i love my new bag.  it is black with gold trim.  again, best in person and not in my pic.  but follow the link to see it better.   its kinda like having a new member in the family  :)

good night all!  thanks for reading!


  1. Nice to see you post again!
    I love your bag,it is on my wishlist too.just got myself a chloe paraty:)

    1. hi ina,
      you are so sweet. thanks for not giving up on my blog.

      love chloe's! that is on my wishlist too :)

  2. I have been holding my breath waiting for your next post ,Finally I'm breathing again . Loyal follower.

    1. that might be the most ridiculous comment ever posted on a fashion blog. e.v.e.r.


  3. Replies
    1. thanks you should get the skirt. i know you dont have much use for the sweater but the skirt would be great many ways. i saw it pop back in almost ever size one day. you would love it.