Friday, February 15, 2013

emmaleigh dress / valentino bag

hi readers!

thank you everyone for not giving up on the blog.  it was so nice to be welcome back after i was gone for so long. 

so this post is another "big" post for me.  i am introducing another new "member of the family"....and maybe my favorite (purse, that is, not member of the family) valentino leopard calf hair lock bag.  it is just perfect!

also in this outfit i paired the neutral  jcrew emmaleigh dress with a vibrant neon yellow scarf i picked up at express for super cheap.  i think providing a neutral backdrop for neon colors so popular this season is a nice way to wear them.   

the shoes i would also highly recommend.  although they are hard to see in my pics, the color is great (as suede often is); a deep, rich fushia color.  i also liked the heel; it is a modern take on a traditional pump.  i tried to capture that in the pic where i am standing to the side but it is hard to tell so i took an additional pic by themselves.  the heel is set back and almost curved. 

when i ordered them, i was undecided if i liked the pump (estrella) seen on me here or the strappy version (edita)  which i linked below.  they are both made by via spiga and are pretty much the same color.  i figured i would keep only one.  but i think i am keeping both because they do not work for the same styling purposes.  for example, the edita wouldnt be right with this outfit.  i was thinking rolled jeans for them.  the pumps elongate the leg,which makes them look better with a skirt or dress.  check them out and tell me what you think.  i think im keeping both!     

thanks for stopping by again!  TGIF!

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